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Our tariffs are totally transparent and beforehand clearly convened on. No surprises!

  • For the complete service when buying or selling real estate, we usually agree upon a prefixed amount. This amount depends on the price and the degree of difficulty of the transaction, and is inclusive all taxes like transmission taxes, notary and registration costs, costs for changing the utility contracts, administrative costs and travel expenses. You will know beforehand exactly how much the purchase of the property will cost.
  • For specific and well defined services we apply a tariff price “à la carte” (predefined). You will know beforehand exactly what the actual cost will be. This service can be applying for a new or renewal of a N.I.E., applying for a residence card, importing a vehicle, applying for a Spanish driving license, taking care of your tax obligations (non-residents and residents), taking care of your social security in Spain, application of licenses and certificates (renting license, habitation certificate,...), etc.
  • For all other assignments we charge a fixed rate per hour. This can be: advice about inheritances or conflicts, analysis of and/or drawing up letters of/to the authorities, etc.

Contact us for an appointment and a personalised offer.

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Do you have any more questions about our services or do you want to make an appointment? Don’t hesitate and contact us! Please note that we are only active in the province of Alicante.

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