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Donations & Inherentances

Donations & Inherentances

Your Spanish home represents an important part of your assets. You may also be thinking about later and what will happen to them.
It is best to plan your succession beforehand. And then a donation of your Spanish home might be discussed. Real estate can be donated quite easily in Spain, with or without usufruct. In many cases, the donation tax is very fair. But think before you leap. After all, it depends on many factors whether a donation at the end of the journey is so beneficial. We can inform you about this.

With a will you can also plan a lot inexpensively, and save your next of kin unnecessary worries. Of course, a lot depends on your personal situation and wishes. We can provide you with a tailor-made solution, possibly with a notarial will, so that later no situations arise that you would not have wanted.

If the inevitable does happen, and you or your partner dies, it is often a big mystery to the heirs what should happen in Spain regarding the inheritance. As a gestoría, we ensure that the settlement of your estate does not become a nightmare, but an orderly sequence of documents and procedures to be followed. We make a personal scenario for your next of kin and ensure that everything runs correctly, all taxes are paid and all administrative obligations are met.

We can offer our services in the whole of the Valencian Community.

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