Link Inc Gestoría

What do we do

We make things easy for you and offer security in the domain of administration and jurisdiction.

We are mainly active in the province of Alicante. Some services however can be offered in the Valencian Community or even in the entire Spanish territory. We help you with:

  • Assistance in buying and selling of your real estate and the complete settling and administration thereof.
  • Taking care of all administrative, fiscal and legal obligations for private persons (residents and non-residents) and selecting for you the most profitable solutions for taxes and inheritance.

We assist you!

  • We inform you from A to Z about what you might expect and what you have to do.
  • We guide you through every step of the procedure.
  • We take care of all administration and running about and save you lots of time, eventual troubles and annoyances, and, for sure, a lot of money! So you will be able to enjoy your stay at the Costa Blanca in the mean time. Now and later.

The final result is an efficient and judicially correct solution in the most profitable way for you!

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